How Can You Tell If A Woman Is Sexually Attracted To You?

Man And Woman Sexually Attracted To Each OtherHow can you tell if a woman is sexually attracted to you? Is there a “specific something” you should look for, and how prone are women to showing their sexual attraction?

All women are different, so these questions don’t have easy answers. In this article we’ll discuss some interesting facts regarding attraction for women and provide some helpful tips on testing the water so-to-speak.

Some Enlightenment

It’s always good to have a better understanding of the female psyche before you start to make any assumptions, so let’s start with a few interesting facts about attraction compiled by Business Insider.

Women, and men too, are attracted to people who look roughly the same as them. Creepy as it may sound, women are also attracted to guys who tend to look like their fathers.

But wait, it gets a little more interesting, because it seems the menstrual cycle also has an effect on attraction. When women reach peak fertility, they are automatically attracted to manlier men. It should also be noted that attraction is based on several different senses, and smell is very important to women.

How To Spot Attraction

Below are a few ways to tell if a woman is sexually attracted to you.

Probe Her Interest By Asking A Question, Giving Her A Compliment, And Making Eye Contact

According to Men’s Health, there are several ways you can “probe” the sexual interest of a woman. They suggest starting off with a relatively simple question, like, “What time is it?” If she tells you more than just the time, you are already within her sexual focus.

Another way to probe for a woman’s sexual interest is by giving her a compliment that is normally excluded for lovers. Just don’t go overboard. A good example would be, “I love your sense of style.” You want to keep it outside of the “friend zone”, but you don’t want to come off as a pervert.  If you’re already stuck in the friend zone, the method for “resetting impression” outlined in the Girlfriend Activation System is a great way to get out of it.

Another great way of testing whether she is interested is by making eye contact and keeping it a few seconds longer than comfort allows. If she doesn’t break the eye contact within those few extra seconds, sexual attraction is likely at play.

Physical Contact, The Subject Of Conversation And Invitation

A strong indication that a woman is sexually attracted to you is when she initiates or increases physical contact. In other words, if she constantly touches your arm or your shoulder or “accidentally” brushes her foot against yours more than once, then she digs you.

When it comes to the topic of conversation, if she starts to talk about sex and you’re the only person around, take this as a good sign. Women tend to talk about sex when they are craving it in some form or fashion.

Last but not least, if she invites you upstairs for a cup of coffee, then there is a very good chance you’ll be drinking more than just caffeine. Also pay attention in case she offers you gum when you are escorting her home, because it could be a sign she’s thinking about kissing you.

As mentioned earlier, only use these tips as guidelines. No matter how advanced science might become when it comes to sexual attraction, completely understanding and predicting the actions of every woman is impossible. Stay focused on your cues and don’t overstep the boundaries.