How To Have Conversations That Turn Women On

Man Turning A Woman On Through ConversationWomen don’t come pre-programmed with a list of approved topics that ensure you have an intriguing conversation. There is no hallmark “line” that will get her to go home with you immediately or at some point in the future. Every lady is different; however, there are certain conversations that turn women on.

Converse With Your Sexy Voice

For starters, in our technological age, many people are more comfortable sexting and flirting with their artificial apparatus as opposed to using their natural assets. If you want to turn her on through conversation, let her hear your voice.

Speak to her with an assertive calm that portrays patience, confidence, and the super hero awesomeness to handle anything life throws your way.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

A stereotype exists that suggests guys only talk to girls or show interest when they want sex. Whether this is your motive or not, girls are aware of this evolutionary subconscious side effect that pre-programs you to spread your seed and secure as many offspring as possible.  Don’t make her feel like a piece of meat.

If you are too aloof and seem preoccupied when you are speaking with her, you may be on the receiving end of some one word answers. By seeking details about her day and paying attention to her responses, you can have meaningful conversations about what is going on in her life. Women get turned on by conversations that show you care about the things in her life that are important to her.

Men can easily get caught up worrying too much about what a girl is thinking instead of actually listening to what she is saying. This causes them to completely overlook the point of having a conversation and causes them to miss the opportunity.

Get to know a girl by asking open ended questions. For example:

  • “If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?”
  • “Is dancing in the clubs you’re idea of a great night? Or are you more of a karaoke at the pub kinda person?”
  • “What pets do you love or refuse to have?”

Conversations that turn women on include a genuine curiosity about what her interests are and what makes her tick. Ask her about things you are passionate about to stimulate honest conversation.

Flattery May Get You Everywhere…

While displaying your exceptional listening skills and looking deeply into her uniquely exquisite eyes, choose a complimentary response to what she just said. Notice how passionate she is in voicing her opinion and jump on board. Acting dismissive or telling her to “quiet down” when she is excited to share something with you is a complete turn off.

Appreciate The Details & Let Her Know They Drive You Crazy

Don’t be afraid to let her know how delicious she smells or how attractive she looks. If you’re on a date, she has already spent hours getting ready for you and wants you to take notice, so don’t disappoint. Pay attention to things like:

  • Her luscious hair and how amazing it smells
  • Her soft, touchable skin that you can hardly keep your hands off
  • Her witty replies and her delightful intellect

If you want to turn a woman on, one last tip is to learn how to infuse your conversations with subtle sexual overtones. Doing so can help you escalate the relationship from “friendly” to “something more” quickly and easily. Check out the Language of Lust  and/or the Obsession Formula for specific tips and techniques on how to create sexual attraction with a woman by using carefully chosen words and phrases in your conversations.