How To Make A Woman Want To Be Your Girlfriend

boyfriend and girlfriend swinging together

Men who are highly desirable don’t need “tricks” to attract women and get a girlfriend.

Judging from the popularity of online forums dedicated to the subject of meeting women, there’s a lot of men out there that make inter gender relationships a lot more difficult than they need to be. To be fair, some of the dating forums offer good advice about building self-confidence for an audience that needs all the help they can get. Still, the notion that the end game for every man is to do whatever is necessary to attract women is very unhealthy.

This attitude that women need to be ‘tricked’ on some level to want to be with a man is especially problematic when the goal is some degree of commitment. There’s plenty of self-styled ‘dating gurus’ who insist that the way to get women is to ‘push their buttons’. To do so, men are instructed to use a wide spectrum of techniques ranging from hypnotism and ‘Kino’ to magic tricks and hand puppets. Such silliness might work to draw attention to yourself in a crowded bar, but very little else.

While “PUA tactics” continue to teach men how to manipulate and trick women into sleeping with them, one program that has garnered a lot of well-deserved attention recently from men who are actually interested in finding a girlfriend and developing a real relationship is the second version (V2) of the Girlfriend Activation System.  It’s popularity comes from its movement away from the PUA-type nonsense found in many other programs and its more natural approach to attracting high-caliber women who can actually be considered “girlfriend material” instead of just “chicks you score with”.  This Girlfriend System review has an excellent write-up if you want to learn how you can use the system to make a girl want to be your girlfriend.

Why Would A Woman Want To Be Your Girlfriend Anyway?

Becoming the type of man that is attractive to women on any level isn’t achieved by ‘tricks’ or ‘techniques’. Men who are comfortable, confident, and that live a life of passion and self-respect have no trouble attracting women. This formula is true not only for ‘initial attraction’ but also for the creation of long-term chemistry.

Women don’t become attracted to men because they ‘do’ certain things or use a specific ‘technique’. Instead, the type of men that women desire manifest certain behavior traits naturally and instinctively.

The reality of romantic and sexual dynamics is why any attempt to use a ‘technique’ to attract and keep a girlfriend is foolish and doomed to fail. You can’t make a woman want to be your girlfriend with trickery and deception. Ultimately, if you’re acting in ways that are inconsistent with who you really are, the subterfuge will fail.

Living A Life Of Misconceptions

Men who have problems attracting women usually suffer from the same type of issues. They invariably have a poor concept of self–they don’t know who they are, who they want to be, and how to live with confidence and authenticity. They look at men that are successful with women and figure that if they emulate their appearance and actions, they’ll be equally as successful. This type of thinking is just as silly as convincing yourself that all you need to do to fly a jet is to dress and talk like a pilot.

The other major misconception is the belief that women are disdainful of men, love, sex, romance, etc. As such, women either need to know that there’s ‘something in it for them’, or else be ‘tricked’ into thinking there is. While there are certainly mental and emotional differences between men and women, they ultimately want similar things for themselves and others.

Women are just as desirous of being attractive, interesting, and appealing to men. The same things that women find attractive in men works the other way–women that are comfortable and confident with who they are and live on their own terms have men all over them. Women who aren’t think that just by using sex tips from Cosmo or pretending to be a sports fan, they can get the same results.

Make Yourself A Priority And Get The Girl

The irony is that the more you ‘prioritize’ getting a girlfriend the less likely it is to happen. Even less likely is the chance that your search for external validation will attract the type of woman that you’d want to be with on a long term basis. Conversely, when you focus on yourself, the odds of attracting women for dating, relationships, and anything else increase exponentially.

You can’t fake the traits that women are looking for in a man. But when you become the sort of man that manifests these traits naturally, women will find you irresistible.

There’s an old saying that you ‘have to love yourself before you can love anyone else’. What they don’t tell you is that the inverse is also true–you have to love yourself before anyone else will want to love you.  Developing a strong sense of purpose and living in a manner congruent with your values will give you self-respect and confidence. At this point, you’ll find attracting women and getting a girl to be your girlfriend is almost effortless.


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