Text Your Ex Back Tutorial: What Is The Green Eyed Monster Text And How Should I Use It To Get My Ex Back?

Green Eyed Monster TextsToday, I have another quick tutorial to try and help those of you using the Text Your Ex Back system to get your ex back.  If you’re not using Michael Fiore’s program yet, you can pick up a copy for yourself from MichaelFiore.org.

In this post, I’ll be talking about what Michael Fiore refers to as a Green Eyed Monster text (or just GEM for short).  These are texts that use jealousy and social proof in a positive way to create attraction with your ex.  They’re a little tricky to master, but damn do they work well when you use them right!

I don’t have to tell you that jealousy is a powerful emotion.  Your ex might say they hate you right now.  They might act like they want nothing to do with you, but I can guarantee they don’t like the thought of you being with someone else either.  Just planting the seed in their mind that they could lose you for good to someone else is often enough to get them crawling back to you.

I must warn you though: you have to be careful when using jealousy to get your ex back.  It’s powerful and also a very dangerous emotion if you don’t use it correctly.

So let’s talk about Green Eyed Monster texts and how to use them for a positive outcome.

In module 8 of Text Your Ex Back 2.0, Michael Fiore says this:

“People tend to believe what other people believe and do what other people do. Remember when your mom asked you “if Jimmy jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?” Well, the answer is most likely, “YUP!”

Now you can use this to your advantage. It goes like this: if your ex knows that attractive and valuable people see you as attractive and valuable, your stock will go up radically. If your ex knows you’re being hit on by “hot” people, he or she will most likely feel a horrible pang of jealousy and doubt the whole “breakup” thing.”

There’s part of your ex that gets off on having you go gaga over them. Taking that away and SUBTLY showing that you’ve moved on is very powerful as an attraction technique. BUT you can’t be stupid obvious about it. Don’t rub it in their face; just let it be known that you’ve moved on.”

How does that tie into GEM texts?  Basically you’re using social proof to your advantage by letting your ex in on the positive side of your post-breakup life.

But the key is to do it SUBTLEY!

You also only want to use GEM texts after you’ve already built up some positive rapport with your ex using some of Michael Fiore’s other text message examples.

By subtle, I mean you aren’t sending a text that says something like, “Went out last night.  Totally grinded on this hottie and she took me back to her place.  All I can say is….O…..M…..G!!!!!!!!”

All you need to do is plant a seed and let your ex’s own thoughts, insecurities, emotions, and imagination turn it into something more than it really is.

For example, a good GEM text might be something like: “It was so beautiful outside yesterday, I met up with a friend down at the park.  Walking together by the pond was a lot of fun.  The ducks were chatty! I think you would have enjoyed feeding them.”

A bad GEM text would be something like: “The guys got me drunk and took me down to the club last night.  There were soooo many gorgeous hotties there.  Let’s just say my night was F—U—-N!!!”

See the difference?

In the good example, everything is really subtle.  All you really say is that you were down by the pond with a “friend”.  You didn’t say it was a date.  You didn’t even say it was a member of the opposite sex.  But it’s more than enough to drive your ex crazy because your ex will be thinking…

“Friend?  What friend? Was it a date?  Were they walking together and holding hands?  Are they already dating?  Did they have a romantic kiss down by the water’s edge?  OMG, did he/she already move on from me?”

This will be even more effective if walking around the pond was something you and your ex used to do together.

The bad example is too “in your face”.   When you use a Green Eyed Monster text in that way, all you really do is make yourself look like a jerk.  It will be counterproductive to getting your ex back.

A couple final notes about GEM Texts…

1.) Base it on a real event.  Don’t just make it up.  If you say you went to a movie with a friend, actually go to the movie with your friend.

2.) If jealousy was a big reason you and your ex broke up, then avoid using GEM texts altogether.  Otherwise, they’ll just add more fuel to the fire.

See Module 8 of the Text Your Ex Back system for more ways to use GEM texts to get your ex back after a breakup.